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Erin is one of the first people to jump from analog to digital sound. While studying theater and post production audio at CalArts she worked on a variety of productions including theater by Anna Devere Smith, the film Juana Man and the short, The Pickle Jar that was screened in Los Angeles in front of the movie Amelie.

Her time in Los Angeles lead her to becoming a professor at Savannah College of Art of Design. After leaving teaching, she became an audio producer for NPR’s nationally syndicated radio show Marketplace. She also worked at Premiere radio with well known tech show host, Leo Laporte. 

This work influenced an interest in oral history, a passion for writing and a want for voices to be heard.

She decided to explore documentary studies, that lead her to receive a second masters degree in Southern Studies at Ole Miss in Oxford Mississippi.

While she has been recovering from a serious illness for the last several years, she has  continued to explore the Mississippi Delta, the blues singers from that area, and the entrepreneurs in small town Mississippi. She is currently working on a book about the state and oral histories that features these passionate people. The interview of  “Sunshine” Sonny Paynehas been showcased on the show Hear and Now, working to putting these voices out. And she is a diehard foodie and works in the subject of foodways. Her work has been published for the magazine Blues Matters and First We Feast. 

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- Erin Scott

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