Clarksdale – Kenoy’s cafe and the Roxy – An Open Air Venue



When “I graduated from school I decided, I wanted to be my own boss.

The business was actually built in, I guess say around the 70’s, but It was vacant so this is how I ended up out here. I saw an opportunity and I went in it. I’ve been here 20 years plus and I mean, It speaks for itself.”

This is how, Kenoy’s, this retired gas station in Friar’s Point, outside of Clarksdale, became home of the Famous, a two fisted burger. Kenoy’s, operated by Thearue Kenoy, a dual business of shirt print shop and grill, but don’t worry the kitchen is always a concentration for all, be it locals, seasonal harvesters, or tourists being served up tasty bites.


Local college and high-schoolers look to purchase the t-shirts at Kenoy’s and stay for the hamburgers, plus many just come by who are really hungry at odd hours.

“Yes, I get that all the time, I’ve had athletes and major league pitchers from Boston, and, NFL players. 80 to 85% of business is takeout, I have a lot of preorders. You know, people call in, customers call in. It’s where they buy. The time to come from work or lunch break, or running through, or something like that , I have their food ready, prepared.”

I came out late one night and was one of the only ones dining in. A truck pulled up under the old canopy, a man jumped out, came barreling in though the front door, and grabbed two long neck beers from the back refrigerator, held them up, greeted Mr. Thearue and had no need to pay at the register, apparently a local farmer, currently harvesting. As he left the store, he slowed down, and shared with me what I already agreed that night,
“You are getting one of the best burgers around. We eat here every day we are in the field.”

The sign on the back wall as you leave not only says ‘thank you, come again’ but also “home of the Famous” .

When you leave I think you will agree, you’ve had the best burger around at the “home of the Famous.”

4125 Friars Point Rd,
Clarksdale, MS 38614
(662) 624-9030
Open everyday 8am-7pm

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