Donna Herula


Ok. yes, this is an artist that’s not along the Delta Blues Highway, but you will find her playing three times at Clarksdale’s 2022 Juke Joint Festival. She does love Delta Blues and acoustic music and her third CD is her first that she has written and is exploding internationally. This interview is different. I thought I didn’t get the interview, then I had an email asking ,”how is the interview going?” It was the week before Christmas. I was lucky to talk to Donna and see her band play and write for Blues Matters. I met deadline. Sadly this is Blues, the creator and editor of the magazine had waited 4 years for a knee replacement died a little later. We all live the Blues and live each day to fullest. Like that, Donna and her husband went on a date at a Blues concert and it was a connection that continues with them playing together. Buy her CD and take a listen at

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